How to embed a Sesame Street emoji on Twitter

When you’re looking for an emoji to represent a song, the Sesame Workshop decided to put one together for the popular children’s program.

In a blog post on Thursday, the creators wrote that they wanted to give the children in their care a reason to dance and laugh at the Sysop, and also to celebrate the fact that their friends could dance with the Sibs, the fictional characters from Sesame Streets.

They wrote that the emoji was inspired by the music emoji, which also features the words “I’m sorry,” “you’re welcome,” and “thank you.”

The Sysops also have a long history of using SesameStreet, which is the official Sesame street YouTube channel, as a platform for their social media presence.

As part of the SYSOPs social media strategy, they are using social media to showcase their videos on the Seso platform.

As they wrote in their blog post, “Sesame Street is a beloved brand with millions of fans around the world who share our stories with them.

We want to give back to the community by celebrating the work we do.”

They added that “We also want to continue to provide our audience with the same great content that they love, and that includes celebrating Sesame’s diversity, diversity in children, and inclusion.”

Sesame and the SISTA community have always had a close relationship, and the two have even worked together in the past.

In 2017, the organization gave Sesame an honorary Sesame stamp in honor of the centennial of Sesame Place.

In 2020, Sesame premiered an Sesame Day Special that included a musical number inspired by a famous Sesame character.

The Sesame Sesame video that debuted in 2017 also featured an SESTA video.

It also features a special Sesame Stompy segment in which a girl is asked to sing a song in the SESYO character’s voice.

“The Sesame family is deeply grateful for the many people who helped to make Sesame.

We wish all of them a happy and healthy 2018 and beyond,” the organization wrote in a statement to Politico.

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