A couple’s attempt to have their wedding video taken down by YouTube for ‘hate speech’

A couple in Texas who tried to have the wedding video of their wedding taken down from YouTube after they posted it on Facebook has been told the video was “inappropriate and protected speech.”

The couple, who asked not to be named, shared the video on their Facebook page in February, just days before the couple’s wedding in Dallas, Texas.

“If you want to get this removed, just make a donation and send it to our local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, or any of our local groups and we will remove the video,” the couple wrote on their page.

“Our wedding was a beautiful and special event, but we were able to share it in a respectful and safe manner, as the videos are now protected by law.

We will not be removing the video from YouTube, and we are happy to have it up for everyone to see.”

YouTube told the couple that they were not allowed to post any of their own videos, including the one they shared on Facebook, because it contained hate speech.

“This video is protected by copyright law, and as such, we have no plans to remove it,” a YouTube spokesperson told the Houston Chronicle.

“However, if you would like to take a screenshot of the video, please do so.”

YouTube removed the video after receiving a complaint.

However, the couple says they will take the case to YouTube’s content policy team, and to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

“YouTube’s content policies prohibit videos that promote hate, violence, or other illegal activity,” a spokesperson told Business Insider in an email.

“As a result, the video is no longer available to view on YouTube.”

The spokesperson said YouTube will not remove the entire video, but will take down the videos in which the couple shared it.

“We are committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of our users and are reviewing our policies to ensure that they reflect this commitment,” the spokesperson added.

The couple has been trying to get the video removed for months, but it has taken months for YouTube to remove the videos.

The YouTube spokesperson said the company will take a look at the complaint and determine if it is still appropriate for removal.

“The content policy does not apply to the content of other videos and other videos do not infringe copyright,” the YouTube spokesperson added, adding that the company is “committed to removing videos that are in violation of our content policy.”

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