Canada’s top-selling books on Kindle are here

In a big way, the top-seller list for 2017 has been a huge hit with Canadians.

Here are the books Canadians love the most on the Kindle, as ranked by readers.

The Globe and Mail/Jonathan Hayward Canada’s top seller is “The Life You Save,” by Elizabeth Warren.

It is now in the top 10 on the list of most-listed books on the ebook format.

“We are lucky to have the world’s most widely read book in English, and it is a fantastic read,” Warren wrote on her website.

“I recommend it to all of my friends.”

Warren also made a plea for the government to introduce a tax on books in Canada, saying it is unfair to the rest of the world and could be a tax-funded subsidy to the Canadian books industry.

The “Life You Save” is a short, non-fiction book about Warren, who is best known for her 2015 Senate speech calling for a $15 minimum wage.

Warren also said she believes the book is an indictment of the current Canadian government, which she says is not doing enough to fight climate change.

Warren is now working on a sequel to the book, which will focus on her Senate fight.

On the Kindle top 10 list, Warren’s other book is “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” by Dan Brown, in which Brown argues that wealth is not a natural consequence of success.

Brown’s book has sold well on Amazon.

The other two top sellers are “The End of Faith” by Bill McKibben and “Funny People” by Amy Schumer.

“Funniest people in the world” is now the top seller, and Schumer’s book was also the top nonfiction title in 2017.

Amy Schumer is now best known as a feminist icon.

Her book “Feminist Fight Club” was a huge success.

Schumer has a new movie, “Trainwreck,” starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

Amazon’s top 10 best-seller lists for the Kindle include “What To Do” by Jane Austen (4,933,000 downloads), “The Gift of Reading” by Martha Stewart (2,500,000), “When Pigs Fly” by Charles Bukowski (1,700,000) and “A Christmas Carol” by Walt Disney (1 of 5,934,000).

Amazon, which operates a Kindle store in Canada and operates more than 20 Kindle e-book stores in the United States, is not releasing its overall list of the top selling books on its website.

Last month, Amazon reported record sales in the second quarter.

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