How to buy music from indie artists in the US and Canada: What you need to know

The new version of Apple Music, which debuted this week, allows you to purchase and stream music from hundreds of independent artists across the country.

And if you want to hear more from indie musicians, the company is adding the ability to download new tracks, videos, and podcasts from their site.

But the music streaming industry is getting a little nervous about the new app, which was first announced in May.

We spoke to the people who have been working on Apple Music for the past three years and they told Recode that Apple Music is not a game changer for the music industry.

Apple Music’s biggest challenge The streaming industry has been trying to get on Apple’s good side for years, and the app’s introduction is a big one, according to industry experts.

Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, told RecinecTV earlier this year that the company was excited to launch the app because “it’s the first app that allows you directly to purchase your music.”

Spotify’s approach is different than that of Apple, which has been very clear about its goal to give musicians a place to monetize their work, and to make the service as convenient as possible.

Apple has been working to increase the number of independent acts it offers in the last few years, said Andrew Sacks, cofounder of the independent music site NME.

But “there’s no question that Apple has had a pretty clear vision for music for some time, and Apple has to make that happen in the next three to five years,” he said.

“It’s not like they’re trying to jump in and start doing it in two years.”

A new music industry The first major changes in Apple Music were the introduction of a subscription service that was initially priced at $9.99 per month.

At the time, that seemed like a good deal, but now that the subscription has doubled in price to $19.99, that makes Apple Music a more expensive way to listen to music.

That’s not to say Apple Music isn’t worth the price.

It is, but the streaming music industry is a bit more than a few years behind Spotify and Spotify’s other competitors.

That has made it a difficult place for the streaming industry to compete, Sacks said.

The streaming service is also struggling to grow its user base.

Last month, Nielsen reported that the streaming service had just under 2.6 million monthly active users, down from more than 4 million in March.

That was still enough to make it one of the top-three streaming services in the U.S., but the industry is growing slowly, and it’s still only about 15 percent of the way to its goal of 10 percent.

The reason for that is the industry hasn’t really learned to compete on the music side of things, Sits, the independent site cofounder, told me.

There’s no real way to make a significant dent in the music-streaming market.

Apple, Spotify, and other big companies are working to find ways to make their services more convenient for users, but that’s only possible if they can make their music available at lower prices.

That means creating better, cheaper products that users can stream and buy in the future.

“Apple has been focusing on making music accessible to everyone, and that’s not the case anymore,” Sacks explained.

“They’re focused on making it as easy as possible for people to stream and purchase their music.

If they can’t do that, they have to go and work with the artists.”

The streaming music market isn’t the only industry where the new Apple Music app has been disappointing for music fans.

Spotify and other smaller services also have struggled to attract more artists to their platforms.

Spotify had hoped that the new version would attract a bigger audience.

But with the launch of Apple’s $10-per-month Music Pass, which offers unlimited access to over 100 artists, Spotify and many other smaller streaming services are now struggling to attract enough artists to the platform to make up for the fact that the app is just a subscription, not a paid service.

Spotify said it will continue to try to attract artists, but it’s not clear that they will be able to do so.

The biggest music labels have also been slow to embrace Apple Music.

Spotify has had trouble finding artists who can sign on to the service because of a lack of demand, and major labels have struggled with how to monetise their catalogs.

The industry has also been hit hard by the rise of streaming services like Pandora, which are becoming a lot more popular and less expensive than Apple Music or Spotify.

The music industry needs more artists in its ranks, not less, but streaming services can only ever offer so many artists at once.

“There’s a big market out there that has a lot of songs that can’t be streamed, and they’re really hungry for music,” Sikes said.

But Apple’s new app may be able do more to get more artists into the streaming market

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