How to listen to the music in your car with Bluetooth headphones

By now you’ve probably heard that you can stream music in a car with your Bluetooth headphones.

The Bluetooth earbuds can do a lot of the listening for you, but if you’re not a music lover, they can be difficult to set up and use.

So I decided to do a little experiment to see if I could get some music from my iPhone.

I wanted to see how well these headphones would do.

I picked up a pair of the new Bang & Bang Bose Bluetooth headphones at a local store.

These headphones are pretty small and easy to use, but I needed a Bluetooth receiver for the pair.

So, I went to the store and ordered a Bluetooth headset that worked with my iPhone 4.

I used my iPhone’s Bluetooth pairing software to make sure the Bluetooth earphones were working with the iPhone 4, but there were still a few issues.

So, I tried to connect my Bluetooth earphone to my iPhone, and it worked, but the earphones weren’t working at all.

So after a few hours of trying, I gave up and switched to the Bluetooth receiver from my iPod.

The headphones were working fine for about 10 minutes, but then they were out of sync.

I decided to just put the headphones back together, and see if they would work.

I plugged in the Bluetooth headset into my iPhone and tried to use it.

I could tell that they were working, but they were still out of synch with the iPod.

I used the Bluetooth microphone to hear the Bluetooth phone, and the audio from my Bluetooth headphones worked fine, but my iPhone was not working at any time.

After about 15 minutes, I started to notice some issues.

First, when using my iPhone with a Bluetooth speaker, the audio was loud.

I also noticed that the volume of the Bluetooth audio was not always high enough for the headphones to be able to hear.

I tried switching the Bluetooth speaker back on, but that didn’t help.

So when I switched back to the iPod, the volume was still low enough to not hear the music.

I also noticed a weird lag in the music playback.

The music would stop playing after a certain point, but after that point, the music was completely lost.

I had to manually pause the music, which took several tries.

When using the Bluetooth headphones, I was able to listen while driving, but once I was in a crowded environment, the Bluetooth speakers were still very difficult to use.

I tried to put the Bluetooth Earphones back together and use them while driving with a couple of the earbud-equipped headphones, but those headphones did not work.

So my goal was to make the Bluetooth Bluetooth headphones work with all of my iPod and iPhone music.

For a week, I did just that, and found that they worked great.

When using my iPod, music seemed to come through, even with the headphones off.

But once I got into the car and started driving, the iPod was still out and out of whack with the Bluetooth headphones.

I’m not sure if this is a bug with Bluetooth, or a limitation of the iPhone, but it was clear that the headphones were not working.

I’ll keep testing and see how long it takes to get this problem fixed.

If you want to try it out, the iPhone’s iPhone app is here: Apple is offering a free pair of Bluetooth ear headphones for a week if you want them.

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