How to start a disco music maker business with your kids

In a new book titled, Disco Music Maker, Music Maker & Music Maker Dad, author Mark Schulte reveals how to start and sustain a DIY disco music production business.

“The first step is to get your kids excited about what they want to do with their lives.

For me, my kids grew up in a world where it was not socially acceptable to make music.

I had never had to explain to them what it meant to make a song or make an arrangement or play music.

They knew they could make music, but I was too scared of the police and the police would catch them.

They did.

They wanted to be a musician.

They thought that was a career,” he says.

“If I hadn’t been scared, I could have helped my children get started, but when I was in the early stages of this I had to find my own way to take them to that place where they were able to create and make music.”

For Schultes, who is an entrepreneur and an author, the real key to success in this area is finding the right business model.

The book’s goal is to provide the reader with the tools to build a successful DIY disco production business, with tips on how to do it and the right equipment for the job.

In addition to his own experiences, Schultetes shares the stories of dozens of parents who have successfully launched a DIY music production and distribution business in the past few years.

“We need to understand the business model and then build the business around it,” Schultre says.

When asked about the most important piece of advice he has received from his children about their careers, Schusetz says, “There’s nothing better than having a great business model to start.”

If you are interested in learning more about this book, visit Disco

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