What is religion?

What is Religion?

By now you probably know that Christianity is the world’s largest religion, and it is growing.

The United States of America has about 12 million Christians, according to the Pew Research Center, while the global Christian population is estimated at about 735 million.

In the past few years, Christianity has been growing in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, with a recent rise in India.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the worlds largest Christian denomination, has about 30 million members in the United States.

Here are some key statistics about the world-wide religious community: Christianity grew from 1.2 billion people in 1900 to more than 1.6 billion people today.

The number of adherents of the faith has grown each year since then.

About 85 percent of all Christians in the world are now Muslims, and about 10 percent are Hindu.

The global number of followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism is about 1.1 billion, and the world number of Hindus is 1.8 billion.

The world’s fastest-growing religion is Buddhism, with the world reaching a peak of 2.2 million followers in 2017.

There are about 2.3 billion adherents of Islam in the Middle East, and that number is expected to grow to 3.6 million followers by 2020.

Muslims make up about 15 percent of the world population, and Hindus make up 13 percent of it.

In terms of growth, Christianity is outpacing Islam in both absolute numbers and the percentage of people who identify as “atheists.”

That means that Christianity has grown more rapidly than Islam in absolute terms.

Christianity has more adherents than any other religion, including Islam.

The percentage of Christians is growing faster than Islam has in absolute numbers.

In absolute terms, Christianity accounts for 7.2 percent of global population growth.

In 2017, Christianity was the fastest-rising religion in terms of adherents.

The fastest-shrinking religion was Judaism, which fell by about a quarter of a million adherents.

Christianity’s share of the global population is growing at a much slower rate than Islam’s share.

By 2030, the Christian population of the United Kingdom will be about the same as it is today, and Christianity is expected have about 12 percent of that countrys total population.

In 2050, the global number will be only about half that.

The biggest growth in the percentage (relative) share of Christians worldwide will be among the Asian countries, where the number of Christians will grow by a quarter.

Christianity is growing in the Americas, where about two-thirds of the population is now Muslim.

About one-third of the Muslims in America are Christians, while only about one-quarter are Jews.

The religious population of Europe is growing rapidly.

According to the United Nations Population Division, Christianity will reach an estimated 7.5 billion adherents by 2020, and Islam will reach about 7.1 million adherents by 2050.

In 2030, Europe will have about 1,000 Christians and about 400 Muslims, while Asia will have 1,300 Christians and 350 Muslims.

Christianity in Africa is the fastest growing religion in the region.

About 80 percent of Christians are in Africa, and there are about 200 million Christians in Africa.

In 2019, Christians were about 10.5 percent of Africa’s total population, but the number is projected to grow faster in 2023.

In 2020, the number will reach 15.1 percent of African’s total.

In 2023, the Christians will be almost three times the number in Africa and more than one-fifth the number compared to 2023 in 2017 and 2020.

Africa has more Christians than any of the other countries on the planet.

Africa is expected, in 2030, to have around 2.5 million Christians and just under 200 million Muslims.

The most rapid growth will occur in Africa’s Eastern region, which will see a total population increase of about 2 million people by 2050, and another 1.5-2.7 million people in the Western region.

In 2025, Christianity in Europe will grow at a rate of more than 3 percent.

Christianity will account for roughly 2 percent of Europe’s population by 2050 and just over one-half in 2050.

By 2050, Europe’s Christian population will be more than 10 times that of Asia and nearly two times that in Africa combined.

The Muslim population of Africa is also growing rapidly, but there is a lot of variation in the population’s rate of growth.

For instance, Nigeria’s population is projected by the UN to increase by about 3.2% in the coming decades, but it is projected that Nigeria’s Muslim population will decline by about 1% by 2035.

There is a good deal of uncertainty in the future growth of Islam.

In 2018, the United Arab Emirates said that it had a moderate Islam, while Pakistan had a severe one.

Some analysts have said that the Islamic world will become more tolerant, but others say it will become even more fundamentalist.

In Europe, the religious population is expected in 2050 to reach about 3 million, but its growth

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