Which prom musical is right for me?

NEW YORK (AP) It’s the same old story of the young love story, and with its characters getting older and their parents moving away, the story of a young couple’s big moment is a familiar one.

But when the musical hits theaters March 5, the focus will shift away from the relationship and instead will be on the story behind the musical, which opens March 1 in New York and is written and directed by Tony winner Peter Lorre.

It stars Jason Alexander, the breakout star of the “Hamilton” musical, as the musical’s main character.

“It’s a bittersweet experience for a lot of people, but it’s a fun one,” Alexander said.

“I think it will be a lot different than what people expected.”

A New York Times article in March 2016, describing the musical for its New York premiere, called it a “tribute to the New York theater and the young people who love it.”

It also praised the “talent” of the show’s cast, saying the cast, including Alexander, Miranda Lambert, Mark Ruffalo and the songwriting team had created a musical that “sets out to tell the story, the heart of a love story.”

The musical’s Broadway debut drew a solid crowd and a sold-out run at the Barclays Center in New Jersey.

The show’s production is part of a nationwide celebration of the city’s music, which will be broadcast live on television, in concert halls and on cable television starting March 1.

The musical was first produced in Los Angeles in 2012 and features a cast of Broadway and movie stars.

But it has not yet hit the big screen, and its run on Broadway is limited to a handful of performances.

That hasn’t stopped the Broadway musical’s popularity.

It was a hit at the New Jersey State Fair in 2013, and in 2015, the New Yorker ran an article about the show that called it “an emotional and personal experience for all of us, especially for our parents, who, for a long time, were told that we were just like their kids.”

It is one of several Broadway musicals that are exploring themes of growing up, love, loss and hope, with the New Musical Express touring the musical with Miranda Lambert and Paul Rudd.

The Broadway show has been criticized for the portrayal of a romantic relationship, including the idea that the two people in the relationship were “just as young and sweet” as the parents.

The New Musical, which is being written by Lorre, is the first musical in the musicals history to use lyrics from the book “My Fair Lady” to tell a romantic story.

It follows the couple, who move into a New York apartment, when the apartment is taken over by a man who wants to marry the two young lovers.

The couple is married, and soon their lives change when their parents move away and they move into the family’s new apartment.

The play has already sold out.

It’s an expensive show to produce.

Lorre said the production was inspired by the lyrics in the book and was inspired to write the musical after watching the musical in New Orleans.

“We thought it would be an easy one to do, and we were very happy with the way it turned out,” he said.

The production will be directed by Lorres and written by his partner, Peter Lorres, who is the co-writer of the Broadway hit “Les Misérables.”

The production is the latest addition to the production line at the company.

The company also is producing a Broadway musical based on a children’s book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Mark Twain, and it is working on a film based on the book, and a TV series based on “Merry Christmas, My Love.”

The company has produced a musical based in the memoirs of a woman who, as a young child, suffered sexual abuse by a child molester, and also the hit TV series “The Lorax.”

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