How to Make a Guitar Instrument from Scratch

If you want to make your own guitar instrument from scratch, here’s how.

Free sheet music and instrument templates can be found at 

Here are a few ideas you might want to try out:1.

Pick up an old guitar, like a Les Paul or Gibson. 


Make a makeshift fretboard by cutting out a few holes in your guitar, such as the middle hole, and cutting a few strips of wood to fit. 


Find an old electric guitar that you can work on, such an electric Gretsch G-10 or Stratocaster. 


Make your own bridge. 


Make yourself a tremolo pedal. 


Try making a vintage bass. 


Make your own tuning fork, or make one from a guitar neck. 


Build your own drum kit, such a snare drum, kick drum, or a snarling harp. 


Build an acoustic guitar using vintage or modern parts. 


Build a custom acoustic guitar with your own kit or build one yourself. 


Make an acoustic slide guitar using a kit. 


Make and play an electric bass. 


Make something cool out of a vintage electric guitar, from a vintage pickup, a vintage neck, and vintage strings. 


Build and play your own vintage synthesizer. 


Build some funky electronics or synthesizers. 


Make some new-school electronics using vintage electronics. 


Build electronics out of vintage electronics or components from your home. 


Build vintage audio gear, from vintage turntables to vintage speakers. 


Build the sounds of a modern acoustic guitar. 


Learn how to make guitar effects. 


Get your hands dirty and build a few guitars and instruments. 


Build your own acoustic piano. 


The most fun part about learning to make music is being able to play a new instrument every day. 


Do something creative with your home electronics. 


Build something out of old electronics.

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