How to make the American Music Awards 2017 a little more entertaining

I have spent the past couple of weeks talking to artists about their performance in the American music awards.

I had a chance to sit down with the lead singer of a band who recently received an award for best new song.

The songwriter also has been nominated for a Golden Globe for best album, and he recently wrote a song for a new documentary about the awards.

As I sat down with him, he told me about his personal experiences at the awards show, and I was intrigued by the fact that he wasn’t in the room with his wife when they took home a Grammy for best live performance.

But it’s a rare case in which the lead singers are not in the spotlight.

I decided to ask the lead vocalist, who is now his wife, if there was anything she thought he could learn from me.

“What I would like to do is try to understand the American audience better,” she said.

And the songs that I write are always going to have a lot to do with that. “

When you sit down to write a song, you’re always thinking about how it’s going to sound, and you’re never thinking about what it means for the music itself.

And the songs that I write are always going to have a lot to do with that.

I think it would be nice to listen to a song from the other side of the aisle, and then be able to sit and listen to something that I’ve written that I really like.

That’s how I want to do it.”

In the lead band of The Flaming Lips, Tom Petty is the lead guitarist.

As an American, he has been very critical of the awards shows.

“We were nominated for best American band,” he said.

He was in New York City during the show in 2013 and he wasn

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