What are the most-viewed music videos in the world?

We don’t have the answer to that question yet, but we do know that Spotify users have been watching the music videos from music videos and movies on the site for years.

We checked in with Spotify to find out why.

Spotify said that the data it collects from the millions of users it has on the platform has helped it understand the behavior of users and their interests.

Spotification, Spotify and Spotify’s general manager of content, Scott Van Horn, have been working together on this data, and it’s been made available to the music industry and the music media industry.

Spotify said that it is notifying users about this data.

This is part of Spotify’s efforts to make it easier for consumers to engage with their music and music content, Van Horn told Digital Trends.

Spotify’s strategy to make sharing more easy has been an important part of the company’s push to make music and media more accessible to users, said Van Horn.

For music, the company said that its user data includes the number of times a user has streamed a music video on Spotify, the amount of time they have watched a video, the type of music the user listens to, and the song they are listening to.

Spotify will continue to provide this information to the media, Spotify said.

In a blog post, Spotify noted that it has been watching these kinds of data and is continually updating its service to improve the user experience.

Spotified said that over the last year, the service has been tracking more than 2.5 billion videos, with nearly 100 billion of them being watched, and nearly 7 billion music videos.

Spotifying said that Spotify’s users are more engaged than ever on the service, and that this data will continue and expand over time.

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