When is the last time you watched Disney’s Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

The music that inspired the film’s songs and the themes of its characters are still resonating in the minds of audiences.

In a new study, scientists have analyzed the sound of popular songs by popular music groups, and found that they still resonate with people.

According to the report, music that is “generally associated with Disney and Disney princesses” is associated with more positive feelings and a sense of empowerment.

For example, “Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty” and “Beauty and the Beasts” are associated with positive feelings, and “Frozen” is a great example of a song that “provides a strong emotional connection between the heroine and her beloved prince,” the researchers said in the study.

The researchers also found that music from “A Bug’s Life,” “Aladdin” and even “Tangled” is connected to positive feelings.

In addition, the researchers found that songs that are “generatively associated with pop culture figures such as Madonna and Lady Gaga” and songs from the Disney film franchise are associated more negatively with feelings of self-loathing and despair.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that the songs that were associated with negative feelings in the sample of 20,000 people are: “Tango and Cash” by Katy Perry; “Get Lucky” by T-Pain; “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Miley Cyrus; “Lil Wayne” by Drake; “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Elvis Presley; “Happy Birthday” by George Harrison; “Carry Me Down” by Paul Simon; “All About Eve” by Alice Cooper; and “Sugar Daddy” by Taylor Swift.

“We believe that the more positive the song, the more negative the emotion, and vice versa,” said lead author Daniel M. Katz, a PhD candidate in psychology at the University of Southern California.

“For example, when listening to ‘All About the Music,’ one might feel good about being in a romantic relationship or having a baby.

However, if the song is associated primarily with music that was generally associated with other positive emotions, like happiness, a sense that the music was an affirmation of self, or a sense about the happiness of the other, this song will be associated with a more negative emotional state.”

“While many of the positive feelings associated with songs are universal, there are some specific aspects of the song that we found particularly salient,” Katz said.

“The title of ‘Walt’s Beauty & the Beast’ is a good example of this: the song features a beautiful girl singing to her mother, who is in love with her.

However in our study, this was not the case for all of the songs.

In particular, when comparing ‘Beauty & the Bands’ to the other songs, the songs with titles such as ‘Disney’s Beauty’ and ‘Disney Beauty and The Beast’ were associated more positively with negative mood and more negative feelings, suggesting that positive mood and positive feelings may be tied to a shared emotion.”

Katz added that the study shows that the musical term “Disney” is an important concept to understand, and that we need to think about the positive and negative meanings of the musical terms that we hear in songs.

“While there is no evidence to suggest that the use of the term ‘Disney’ in movies or television shows contributes to a specific mood, our findings suggest that when the term is used in songs it may also contribute to the emotional state of the listener,” Katz told ABC News.

“Our research suggests that the meaning of the word ‘Disney,’ or its use in songs, is important and can have a positive impact on listeners.”

Katz is currently working on a follow-up study to examine the connection between music and the positive emotions associated with music.

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

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