Which types of music should you listen to?

The BBC’s music show Lullaby has come under fire for its selection of pop, rock, jazz and country music, which has been criticised by some critics.

The music is said to “overwhelmingly” feature the same tracks from the same genre, but critics say it’s a clear sign of the BBC not listening to the music market, with the music being chosen purely based on commercial considerations.

“It’s really a shame that Lullabies selection of music is based purely on commercial factors,” said Andrew Gwynne, who has written a scathing piece for the BBC.

“The music is so often marketed as being ‘a new genre’, when in fact it’s almost always an old one, and we are all looking at it from the old-fashioned perspective that it’s all about commercial interests.”

The BBC has since released a statement, saying the selections were “consistent with our music programming” and “are based on the best current trends”.

However, some of the selections have been criticised for being too “pushing and pushing and pushing”, with critics saying it’s too often a “bunch of songs with one or two or three singles that aren’t as interesting or exciting as the ones that are being covered by the big names”.

“In the end, what the BBC really wants is to be able to say ‘this is what people listen to, this is what they like’, but that’s the problem,” said Mr Gwynnes.

What the BBC is trying to do is to keep the conversation going about what is the music of the future and what is not, so you don

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