YouTube Music is here to stay, but what will replace it?

The days of streaming music are numbered for now, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead.

YouTube Music, the company’s first app that let users play music and make videos from their phones, is coming back.

The company announced today that the app will be available to purchase on the Google Play Store in the coming weeks.

The announcement comes on the heels of the company making a few major changes to its music player app and streaming service.

But the news doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

YouTube has always been a pioneer of music, and in the past several years, the app has made a lot of noise in the music industry.

The app’s creators have been working on an app that would be built around the music streaming service Spotify for years.

The service has already taken a major hit in popularity as Apple’s iOS 9 launched in September.

The changes made by YouTube in its new music player, though, may be the most significant to date.

In addition to allowing users to play songs directly from their phone, YouTube Music also makes it easy for users to add new music to their library.

In order to create a playlist, users simply need to open the app and select a song, which then takes the user to the “Add New” section, where they can then create a new playlist and select it.

Then, once the playlist is created, it can be played through the player, even if the user doesn’t own the device.

As the music service has grown, it has also made some changes to the way it handles permissions for its music app.

YouTube previously allowed users to control playback and delete songs from the app.

Today, those permissions are no longer available.

YouTube now only lets users set the app to display ads.

The ads, which have become increasingly intrusive, have forced the company to change how it displays ads in its music players.

For example, when the user opens the YouTube Music app, it will now show a pop-up message that says, “You are currently viewing an ad.

Please turn off this ad.”

In addition, users will now be shown a menu that asks if they want to disable ads on a song or video.

YouTube also plans to update its music playlists to be more user-friendly, making it easier for users who prefer to browse through music from their own collection rather than being forced to search for it.

In the past, YouTube had a hard time integrating the new features it was adding to its playlist service.

The site’s music app for iOS was initially only compatible with Google Play Music, but after the iOS version of the app was pulled from the App Store, YouTube was forced to use its own service.

Spotify also introduced a new music app that users could use in conjunction with the YouTube app to listen to music.

The YouTube app for Android has had a more robust music service, but Spotify’s Spotify app for the iPhone was also the default music player.

The latest YouTube Music release brings many of the same features, but adds the ability for users with a Spotify account to add and remove music to or from their collection.

Spotify users will also be able to control how many tracks appear in their Spotify library, which is the service’s main way to monetize music.

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