Holiday music from Latin music’s big names is now on sale in Mexico

LAS VEGAS — Santa Cruz is the perfect holiday destination.

The streets are lined with red lights.

Kids are playing in the street, drinking candy bars.

A parade of cars pulls into Santa Cruz’s Main Street.

Santa Rosa, the largest city in northern Mexico, is the capital of a state with just one million people.

A street light is lit in the middle of the night in Santa Cruz, Mexico, on Jan. 5, 2020.

Santa Rosas city government says it has received more than 1,200 requests for Christmas music.

It is one of many cities in Mexico that has heard from families seeking music for their loved ones during this time of year.

This is what Santa Cruz is known for.

It’s a place of joy and community.

This is what they sing, this is what we sing, and it’s our hope that this will be the last year that we don’t get Christmas music.

“Javier Ortiz, a Santa Cruz resident, says he was happy to get Christmas radio stations for Christmas.

He had the idea when his two sons were younger.

They listened to Christmas music on radio and wanted to make their own Christmas radio station.”

The first year, I didn’t have enough money for the equipment.

I had to buy some, so I asked my parents to buy it for me.

And I’ve been making my own radio station ever since,” Ortiz said.

His children, ages 13 and 16, both listened to a Christmas radio broadcast on a laptop and later on, their phones.

I’ve had people that I’ve made music with, and I like that. “

I got my own playlist of the radio stations, I have my own songs that I like, I know the artists, I’m friends with the artists.

I’ve had people that I’ve made music with, and I like that.

They’re my friends,” Ortiz added.

Santa Cruz, which has a population of more than 20,000, has had more than 2,200 Christmas radio requests since the start of the year, according to the Santa Cruz Santa Cruz City Council.

Santa Cruz city officials say they’re pleased to hear from families wanting to put Christmas radio on their radio stations.

For Ortiz, the radio station will be a place where he can play the Christmas songs he loves.

On the morning of Jan. 6, Santa Cruz was the center of the festivities in Santa Rosa.

The city of Santa Cruz recorded about 2,000 radio broadcasts in the days leading up to Christmas.

The Santa Cruz area recorded about 8,000 Christmas radio broadcasts on the radio, said Mayor Daniel Rodriguez.

Santa Rosa has about 1,700 Christmas radio listeners and the city has had a number of Christmas radio shows in the past year, he said.

In Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa, there is also a large community of Christmas musicians.

Santa Clara, a city of more 3,600 people, has received approximately 2,500 radio requests.

It has about 5,500 Christmas radio households and more than 5,000 people play Christmas radio, according.

Santa Maria, a small city of 1,100 people, received nearly 3,000 requests, and Santa Cruz has received about 1-1.5 million Christmas radio plays.

Santa Barbara received about 875 Christmas radio applications and the Santa Barbara City Council has been hearing from families asking for Christmas radio playlists.

Santa Clarita, a town of just over 400 people, was the first to receive requests, with more than 3,100 requests.

Santa Clarita City Councilman Michael Martinez said Santa Cruz had received a lot.

“I think we’re very happy.

We’re really excited,” Martinez said.

“The city council was very pleased with what we’re hearing and the Christmas music is going to be a wonderful thing to hear.

In Santa Clara, the city council has heard many requests for radio stations from people that want to play the Santa Claus songs on their radios.

Santa Monica, the first city to announce Christmas radio for radio, received more radio requests than Santa Cruz.

The city of Orange, California, received roughly 2,600 requests for the radio.

Santa Ana, a tiny city of just under 200 people, is in the midst of Christmas Radio.

In October, Santa Ana City Council members announced the Santa Ana Radio Station will be open to the public beginning Dec. 22.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, received approximately 1,300 Christmas radio calls in its first year of Christmas broadcasting.

Santa Fe, a northern New Mexico city, has been receiving Christmas radio in recent years.”

We’re a very quiet city and it takes time to get the Christmas radio done, but we’re definitely excited about the opportunity,” said Santa Fe Mayor Mark Fonseca.

Fonsecal said Santa Barbara, which was the last city to open Christmas radio as a broadcast, received some requests

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