How to fix music player bug on Windows 10

Hacker News article Windows 10 users have found that some music apps can crash when playing a song from Spotify, a service that’s now in the hands of more than a billion people.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Ars that the bug, which affects Spotify’s own app, can’t be fixed in the app’s native app or through the Windows Store, but that a workaround for this issue will be made available in a future update.

“There are a few ways you can work around this issue,” the spokesperson said.

“One is to open up the Spotify app to another application or window, or to run Spotify in a standalone application on the desktop.

Another is to go to Settings > General > Sound > Music and try to find a sound that works in the Spotify music app.

A third is to download the Spotify client for Windows 10, and run it in that program.”

The spokesperson noted that Spotify does not allow third-party sound players like Spotify-compatible plugins or plug-ins to play music on the device.

“If Spotify doesn’t recognize the sound, the app will only play Spotify songs in Spotify-only formats,” the Microsoft spokesperson said, adding that Spotify users will still have to install the Spotify-based client in order to access Spotify’s other apps.

The spokesperson also pointed to a blog post from Spotify’s VP of engineering, Kevin Johnson, that said the company is working on a fix.

“Spotify is constantly improving and will continue to do so,” the blog post read.

“We will continue working with our partners to improve the experience for everyone.”

The post also mentioned that Spotify was working on adding support for new and unsupported devices and languages, but Spotify users should have a working solution by now.

The Spotify spokesperson said the issue affects only Spotify’s native desktop app, but it does not affect Spotify on the Windows 10 Store or other third-parties.

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