How to play the scratch song in Pokemon GO

Play the scratch music in Pokemon Go, according to an official Reddit thread.

The unofficial subreddit, dedicated to Pokemon Go’s music, posted an image of a scratched note with the caption, “Poke!

What song is this?”

In the post, a Redditor posted the song from Pokemon Go: “Happy Holidays!

Welcome to your new home, Poke!

Happy Holidays to everyone who’s celebrating!

Happy New Year!


The Reddit user then replied with a picture of a note that said, “This is the scratch note you get for your holiday!

You get a scratch, it’s called ‘Happy Holiday,'” the Reddit thread reads.

The Reddit thread is dedicated to the “Pokestops, PokeStops, and Pokestops of the world” with the title “Happy New Year, Poke!”

“PokéStops and PokStops in general are where you get your pokemon and the Pokemon inside them,” the Reddit user said.

“Happy holidays and happy Holidays.”

The user then posted a photo of the note, along with the phrase, “Happy Holiday.”

Pokemon Go players are known for posting a variety of other random phrases, and in some cases, the text of a scratch note is actually part of the gameplay experience.

A Reddit user, for example, posted a scratch message in the game in November 2015, saying, “Welcome to the PokeMart in the City.

You will be able to get some good Pokeballs and PokeCubes for your journey.”

The same person posted the same message in December 2015, this time saying, the note was in the description of a special PokeStop.

The scratch message has also been posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit before.

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