How to see the magic of Disney’s latest music clipart from the Disney Music Notes Clipart series

Posted March 02, 2018 08:03:17 With its annual theme of the summer season, the Disney Movies & Television Festival (DMCF) returns to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal on Saturday, March 4, 2019.

The festivities will include a music and art competition, a live performance by Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Justin Bieber, a special performance by Disney’s newest music video, the theme song from the upcoming movie, and a special live performance from Disney’s music team.

To celebrate, DMCF is offering the first-ever live performance of “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” by Dwayne Johnson and the DMC Furs, the new Disney animated short film.

“The music is great, but the music team is even better,” said DMC Festival director David Burtch.

“Justin Bieber is a talented singer-actor and Justin is a gifted artist.

Together, we’re bringing Disney’s Disney music to life.

And we have some surprises up our sleeve for you.”

Burtcliff will also perform “Mysterious Land,” the animated short from the new film about a mysterious, floating island where all the inhabitants are human and where one human is destined to return.

Disney Musicnotes has previously performed live performances by the likes of Katy Perry and the Weeknd, as well as Justin Bieber.

“It’s a new experience for me to be able to see these artists perform live, especially on a festival stage,” said Burtc.

“As a fan of Disney music, I know that the Disney team has a lot of talent on the festival stage, and this is really exciting to see them bring this performance to life.”

In addition to the live performances, Disney MusicNotes will also be onsite to deliver an array of special events, including a live music performance from the DMs, a music performance featuring the Disney Furs and a performance by DMC’s new animated short, the title track from the movie, a free concert featuring the DMS, a preview of the music video from the film, and special guest appearances by some of the DMA’s most successful artists.

This year, the DMTF will feature an event that will bring you the best of the Disney music from around the world, including some of your favorite artists performing their music at the festival.

For more information on DMCFest 2019, visit

For live performance videos and other content, visit

“Disney Music Notes is the perfect place to catch up on the latest Disney music videos and exclusive music video content,” said Chris McCauley, President of Disney Music notes.

“This year’s DMC Festivals will be a great opportunity to experience some of Disney entertainment’s newest works with Disney Music.

The music is beautiful and the performance is spectacular.”

To learn more about Disney Musicnote, visit the website.

For a complete list of participating artists and events, visit or call 212-927-0113.

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