Ratatouil hits #1 on Spotify Australia with over 5.3 million streams, says company

Australia’s newest live music sensation Ratatoulis is back on top of Spotify Australia’s top-selling streaming music service, and has racked up more than 5.7 million songs and tracks in just three weeks.

In the week ending 31 March, the Australian-made musical hit has amassed nearly 5.9 million songs, according to Spotify Australia.

The band, based in Melbourne, has been streaming songs on the site since the start of March and has more than 7 million views on its YouTube channel, according the company.

The hit single ‘Viva la Mousse’ became the most-watched single in Spotify Australia last week, with more than 15.5 million views.

Ratatoulas first album, Ratatèles, was released in 2014 and has since been a major success.

It has racked in more than 200 million plays across all platforms, including Spotify.

Ratatos hit hit the charts in the US in the week that it debuted on the Spotify service, becoming the most downloaded song in the country, according Spotify Australia data.

Ratatooulis have also won two Juno awards for Best New Artist and Best New Band.

Ratataoulis’ album cover has also been seen as a touchstone for the band’s image in Australia.

The cover features the band and singer/songwriter, whose real name is Michael Atherton, with the tagline: ‘When you’re in Ratatÿille’ on the back cover.

Ratatioulis has since hit back at critics who have criticised the band for being too young.

The pop band has previously said that its fans are young people.

The cover of Ratatatouils album has also sparked criticism from some in Australia who have argued that it’s disrespectful to children.

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