The ‘Bubble’ and ‘Honeymoon’ of disco music

I was a baby when I first heard the disco tunes.

I was about six or seven.

It was a little bit scary.

I don’t know if it was my parents, I didn’t know what disco music was, but I was into it.

Then I would listen to a couple of the disco tracks, and I would like, what the hell is that?

So I would start going to the dance floor and trying to imitate the dancing, and eventually I would try it out.

I guess I was hooked.

I grew up in Melbourne and I always liked disco music.

It had this funky feel to it.

It’s got this sense of rhythm, it’s got a lot of funkiness to it, and there was also this sense that you were in a club.

There was also a bit of the club thing to it that I liked.

So when I was growing up, disco was always part of the mix, and that’s how I started listening to it when I could.

When I was 15 or 16 I heard it on a club show.

That’s when I really started to get into disco music and what it was about.

It just felt so real.

It didn’t matter if it wasn’t your favourite thing, you just loved it.

There’s something so real about it.

You just feel like you’re there, and you’re surrounded by people, and it’s very, very comfortable.

You can dance to it and feel like that’s your whole life.

You could sit on a beach in the middle of the night, and have a good time.

It felt so good.

It always felt so authentic, it felt like you were dancing with a real group of people, like you had this community and people were just really good to you.

You’re surrounded, you’re part of this community, it was all there, just like your mum, and your dad, and all these other people.

I loved it, so I kept on going back.

It really felt like a real family, and my mum really wanted me to go to dance class when I turned 15.

I didn.

She was like, you know, why are you dancing?

I was like really?

And I was really embarrassed about it, because it’s a very, really important time in your life, and this was really important.

I wasn’t happy with it.

So I stopped going to dance classes for a while.

I remember thinking to myself, well, this is probably the only time I’ve ever been embarrassed about something.

So now I’m just like, well I don’s go to class, I don’, I’m never going to get it right.

It took me a while to accept that it wasn’n cool.

I’m a grown-up now.

I’ve grown up, so you can be anything you want, and people don’t judge you for it.

I feel like I’m an adult now.

You know, I feel comfortable with myself.

I still go to school and I still like to go out with friends.

I know people are going to say, ‘Why don’t you dance in the club?’

I’m like, why do you think I’m still doing it?

It’s just part of life.

I can dance.

It doesn’t matter.

I get my job.

I live with my mum.

I love her.

I have a job, and a family.

I just want to be happy.

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