When a ‘happy’ song becomes a ‘predictable’ tune

When a song is “happy,” it has a strong emotional charge that can make it popular and have fans singing along to it, says music producer Chris Beals.

“There’s a lot of variation in a song’s emotional content,” Beals says.

The songwriter and composer for many of the world’s top artists like The Weeknd and Kanye West, Beals also advises artists on what to avoid in a “predictably” upbeat song.

The music industry, he says, should “look at this as a warning sign.”

Beals explains that this can happen when a song has a very catchy, upbeat, or “cute” sound that the audience can instantly identify with.

The tune is likely to be highly infectious, but its emotional content can become predictable.

In this case, the audience will expect to sing along to the song as a result of the catchy tune, Bealls says.

In the past, this has led to songs becoming more predictable, he explains.

Beals believes the trend of “happy” songs has led some artists to try to cater to their audience’s expectations instead of their own.

“I don’t think anyone is perfect in that department,” he says.

Beales says the goal is to make the song feel like a “good” song and the audience has to be willing to sing it to the tune to get the desired emotional response.

“But it’s a good song, if you’re singing it for a good reason,” he adds.

What’s “good music” Beals and Beals agree that some songs are a good fit for the genre of “alternative rock” — music that incorporates rock and metal elements, as well as electronic music.

Bealls and Beams music director, Mike Caffrey, agree that this genre of music is becoming more popular and more “danceable.”

But, Caffreys notes that the genres aren’t mutually exclusive.

“When you play a dance track, it’s not the same as playing a song that has rock elements in it,” Caffees says.

But, he adds, some songs like the one below, which includes some of the most popular songs from The Weekends new album, could be “a great fit” for the new genre.

The Weekend’s new album is due out July 1.

For more music news and trends, check out the Billboard charts here.

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