A day of exercise, a day of music: Music and dance as part of the Olympic opening ceremony

The Olympic opening ceremonies opened on Wednesday, with the opening ceremony, a traditional procession through the streets of the city, and a traditional parade.

The first of these, the “March of the People”, was also watched by tens of thousands of people.

The ceremony will last two hours.

It will be followed by a daylong concert and some other events.

It has been a year since the games began, but the theme is the same, with some traditional tunes and dancing.

Here are a few of the best.

-Travellers have been encouraged to take part in the opening ceremonies, which were organised in conjunction with the organisers of the Rio Games.

They will take place at 7pm, followed by the parade which will be preceded by an hour-long ceremony.

The opening ceremony is a tradition in Brazil, but in recent years the opening has been moved to the morning of the Games, with ceremonies taking place around the clock.

The Olympic torch relay, the biggest single event in the games, is held at 11am.

This will be the start of a parade through the city and the city will be filled with thousands of spectators.

The procession will be led by Brazil’s ambassador to the US, who will lead the procession through central Sao Paulo, with a view to a torch-lit procession through all the main streets of Sao Paulo.

The torch relay is one of the biggest events in the Games.

This year’s torch relay was the third largest in history, with almost 5 million spectators in Rio.

The event is also the biggest in the world.

The parade will be watched by millions of Brazilians, with floats being floated on rivers, on the ocean, on streets and on the Olympic site.

The ceremonies will be broadcast live on television.

Here’s the BBC’s Rio correspondent Chris Morris and his team.

The programme starts at 7:30pm.

-The Olympic torch, held aloft by a large statue of Brazil’s late president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, passes through Sao Paulo’s central business district.

-A parade takes place in the streets.

-An Olympic torch is seen.

-Rio is surrounded by the favelas, with thousands cheering.

-Sao Paulo’s favela area is full of people watching the parade.

-Spectators dance and cheer as the torch passes.

-Lula da Silveira, Brazil’s former president, is carried by a police officer.

-Brazilian flags fly at half mast as the flame of the torch is passed through the main square.

-People are seen wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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