The world’s most popular music video is now the most watched

The world has finally seen a porn video which topped the charts last week. 

The song by American boy band the National was released on June 14. 

Its first single hit number two in the US and it has been the most downloaded song on iTunes.

It is also the most viewed music video on YouTube, with over 8.3 billion views. 

There have been several videos in recent years featuring celebrities playing with their bare breasts and having sex. 

A man in Japan was fined $250,000 for doing so in 2010.

A woman in China was fined for performing the act on her phone while riding a public bus in 2010 and in 2007, a group of people in China were fined $50,000 each for dancing naked in front of cameras. 

Despite the success of the song, many people have criticised its content. In May, a Canadian woman was fined £80,000 after being caught on camera masturbating on a bus.

In March, a British man was fined a record £500,000 by a court after admitting to having sex with a girl on a public subway in 2011. 

But the biggest outrage came after a woman in India was jailed for two years for having sex in public with a male partner. 

 The man, who has since pleaded guilty, said he was acting in self-defence after the woman had told him she was pregnant.

He also admitted to having a condom with him at the time, and pleaded guilty to indecent assault. 

After the court rejected his plea, he was sentenced to two years in prison. 

However, the case was dropped when the woman changed her plea to “no contest”.

The singer was fined over $3 million and ordered to perform community service in return. 

According to the Associated Press, the National song was the second most popular song of the year and has been streamed nearly 4.5 billion times. 

While there has been plenty of outrage about the song’s content, it is actually the only song in the list of top 50 most streamed songs. 

Other top chart-toppers include Lady Gaga’s new song Blonde (No. 1), Beyonce’s smash Beyoncé (No 1), Rihanna’s hit “Single Ladies” (No 2), Drake’s “Hotline Bling” (2nd), Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s “Radioactive” (3rd), and Taylor Swift’s “Red” (4th).

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