‘Happiness in a Bottle’ – The Irish Band’s ‘HAPPY IN A BOTTLE’ album cover

With the Irish band’s new album ‘HANGING ON’ due out on March 7, 2017, we spoke to the band about its musical influences, what makes a good cover and how the cover itself works.

The cover, featuring a picture of two men in a box, was inspired by the two iconic bands of the 70s. 

“Happiness In A Bottle” was written by Irish music writer and poet Peter Walsh and originally appeared in The Irish Sun in 1979. 

It’s an album that has a great deal of influence from both bands, which are both great influences. 

I’ve always loved Irish music, and I wanted to do a cover for the record. 

There are a lot of influences, it’s just a question of picking the right one.

I’ve never done a cover before, but I had done one for my album and thought, ‘well, I’m going to do this’. 

I went and got the music from a friend and it turned out really well. 

The cover itself is actually a very simple song and it’s a simple story. 

My friend and I had been listening to Irish music for quite a while and it was like we knew what to do. 

We started with a cover of “Mamma Loy”, a song from the band’s debut album, “The Great Escape”, and we took it to the next level with the lyrics and the artwork. 

After that, we started going to shows and the whole thing just snowballed. 

A lot of the lyrics were from the original song, “Hang On” so we were very inspired by that. 

When I wrote the cover, I thought about a lot things. 

What was my favourite Irish band? 

How did I like them in the 70’s? 

What kind of Irish food would they have eaten? 

Did I like their songs? 

There were some really great songs that I liked and I thought that it would be a good idea to do that cover. 

But I’ve always been a fan of bands like The Beach Boys and The Smiths.

I also have a couple of songs in my collection of old Irish folk songs, “Tales Of My Time In The Church” and “Trouble In The Streets”. 

It was a great song for me and I felt like it was something that could go on a cover, but with some music from the past. 

So I wanted a song that was kind of like the original but also a little bit different. 

From that, I wrote “HAPPENING”. 

This song was written at the end of a day and was written in my bedroom. 

On my phone I have a picture with the words “HANG ON” and a picture taken in the day. 

All the lines are written in pencil, which is very difficult. 

Every single line is in the handwriting and every single word is in rhyme. 

That song has been in my head for a long time, but there’s no way I can sing it on a guitar, so I had to come up with this song that would be really funny and it would also be a very funny cover.

What I liked about the cover is that it was a little more original. 

For the first time I wanted it to be something that you could see in your living room. 

Even though it’s not a song I’ve ever sung, it still has that quality that I think makes it great. 

You can see in the video that I’m really into Irish music and it just so happens that the Irish people are really into it. 

If you watch the video, you’ll see that I sing every day and there’s a lot more Irish folk music. 

With the cover I’ve used a lot less instruments and I’ve really tried to keep it as simple as possible. 

And the lyrics are very funny too. 

They’re all in rhyming, so there’s very little chance of the words going off. 

As far as the video goes, I did the whole video on a computer and the first thing I did was make a black and white image of the cover and I did a lot in Photoshop to get it to look that way. 

Then I put in the background and the photo and the music and all that stuff in a little image and I used that as a backdrop. 

One of the things I liked most about the video is that I wanted the band to look as simple and as real as possible so that when you look at the picture you can tell that it’s real. 

Another thing I liked was that the video shows the band playing their instruments and then they play their own songs and it shows that the band has this huge love of music and they can sing a lot and they’re very passionate about

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